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"The education is the most powerful weapon that one can use to change the world".

Nelson Mandela


Project context

The African continent is more than one billion people. Currently more than 40% of the population lives without electricity. This lack is an obstacle for the development because at sunset (around 6 PM). All the activities (housework, school, professional) stop in the villages. And in the city, the activities are disrupted because of the selective power cut. This slows down businesses productions.

The generator is an expensive and highly polluting substitute. The oil lamps uses by families are unsafe. In addition the smoke is toxic; these are consequences of many accidents at home like burns and intoxication. Africa has the highest sunshine rate in the world particularly in West of Africa.

We had this idea to connect us to this free solar energy (CONNECT YOU FREE ENERGY) by manufacturing solar lamps with local materials, natural ressources, to benefit the greatest number of inhabitants and overcome the current shortcomings of inaccessibility energy in Africa.

Solar lights allow to reload after during the day (an average of 6 hours lighting), and plus with the "USB key" we are able to charge cell phones.

 To meet this demand, we have developed a new concept of solar lamps: lamps made in Africa and not a single use and fixable. There are actually solar lamps in the market: 90% come from Southeast Asia and are produced in injected plastic, not fixable in case of break down.


About the project

We sought to distinguish ourselves by the following:

- Local and recyclable materials

- Multifunctional (USB port recharging phone, listening to radio and music, etc ...)

- Integration of crafts in the production process: customization by local artists and artisans to customize lights.

The production facility in Africa will integrate local knowledge and job creation.


Project Initiator

This project is supported by a competent team in the field:

Chérif Haidara: graduate in International, Asia Business and Development. He is an expert in Asian markets including China (5 years) and sub-Saharan Africa (+ 10 years), he is fluent in Bambara (African language), Mandarin, English and Spanish. His dynamism and professionalism are an essential collaborator. 

Since January 2015, he collaborated with:

- Mr. Ramond (designer)

- Miss Niang (engineer)

- Mr. Ibrahim Sanogo (Business développer)

- M.Gaye Cissé (Electronics engineer specialized in solar energy)

- Mr. Salif Coulibaly (Responsible for setting up the production workshop in Bamako)

- And Baba Deme (Communications Officer)

To launch this new project: Afrika Solar with the establishment of a first workshop in Bamako in summer 2016


Our needs

The fund collected will allow us to fund a new production of 100 solar lamps .

Afrika Solar already gave 50 solar lamps to schools in 2016 , 25 lamp type ZULU Lamp and 25 WAKA WAKA lamp.


           WAKA WAKA Lamp

           ZULU Lamp


The purpose of this year is to give 150 ZULU lamp to 5 schools  based in the rural areas à Kangaba, Région de Koulikoro, in Mali :



    •  50 lamps will be financed by Afrika S
    • olar company.


  • 100 lamps will be financed by the donations collectés grâce à you on Jamaafunding.

cost (cost of purchasing raw material + cost of production + cost of storage + cost of distribution) a ZULU Lamp is 30€ (19 700 Fcfa). Therefore a solar lamp cost 30€.


 "For every 2 lamps financed by you (Jamafunding), 1 solar lamp will be financed by Afrika Solar. a total of 3 solar Lights à to give".


 If we reach the goal (3000€), we will add solar lamps in addition to some others schools. The more you give, the more you light up the african youth .


Bonus : from 50€ gifts, you will get a tax receipt of 66% of the amount given. 

more détails, see the FAQ.



The area where schools are located.


 Afrika Solar in international solidarity

donations of lamps, solar WAKA WAKA have been offered to the Malian school called Bakoroba COULIBALY for study in the evening.



Social Impact


persons helped


How do we ?

Step 1 - We collect jars of jam from restaurants and hotels in Mali.

Step 2 -We recycle the recovered products.

Step 3 - We work wood with our craftsman carpenter to showcase Malian craftsmanship.

Step 4 - La plus délicate, nous achetons aupres de nos fournisseurs européens et asiatiques des composants électroniques..

Step 5 - Assembly of the product by our workers.


For reasons we do this collection ?

To sensitize the population of the problem of access to electricity.

Facilitate the education of youth.

Allow schoolchildren to study in the evening (do their homework ... etc).

Create employment.


What is the amount of the réduction tax? 

The tax reduction covers 66% of the amounts paid by the donor, up to a limit of 20% of his taxable income.

*Example : If you make a donation of 80 €, you receive 52,8 € tax reduction on your taxable income (80 € X66% = 52,8 €), Your donation really only costs you 27,2 €

A donation of € 100 costs you € 34.

A donation of 500 € actually costs you 170 €.

A donation of € 1000 costs you € 340.

Rules: Tax reduction = the amountée X 66%

                The real cost for you = the sum paid- tax reduction 


How to contact us?

Afrika Solar or

or by telephone :

+339 83 90 69 70 / +336 49 39 33 84 / +223 60 83 72 70

Address :

France : 65 Rue Héputs 93300 Aubervilliers France

Mali – Bamako : Baco-Djicoroni ACI – Près Sotelma


Counterparts !

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For 5 € or more


THANK you for your support!!! We will keep you abreast of the advancedée of our project.


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For 30 € or more

3 boost

Very Generous!

- We offer you a Magic Lamp with your name engraved on it !!
Characteristics Magic Lamp:


  • reload Time :3 to 10 hours,
  • Time of use :from 4 to 16 hours after complete charge,
  • solar Panel poly : 0.35 W/4.5 V
  • light Source : 0.5 W
  • 6 LEDs color White,
  • USB Port to charge your mobile phone,

- With his permission, the contributor will be highlighted on all our social networks.

THANK you for your support!!! We will keep you informed of the progress of our project.

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4 boost

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For 100 € or more

Enormously Generous !!

-We will organize a video chat between the contributor and the Afrika Solar team in Bamako. Then, there will be another video chat between the contributor and schoolchildren who will benefit from our solar lanterns to study in the evening.

Plus a Tax Receipt of 66% of the amount donated.  

** Example: if you make a donation of 100 €, You receive 66 € tax reduction on your taxable income (100 € X66% = 66 €). Your donation really costs you 34 €.  

+ Previous rewards

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For 150 € or more

Extremely Generous !!

- The contributor will receive an invitation in Paris to participate in our next meeting on renewable energies and new technology in Africa

Plus a Tax Receipt of 66% of the amount donated.

 ** Example: if you make a donation of 150 €, You receive 99 € tax reduction on your taxable income (150 € X66% = 99 €). Your donation really only costs you € 51.

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