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The incubator Change 2R Lab is not ONE but SEVERAL social projects that will contribute to the economic growth of Madagascar!

Project context

After traveling in Europe, after a few experiences in incubators and startups, and, especially, after being in contact with many social entrepreneurs with positive initiatives for the society and the planet, I could see the potential of social entrepreneurship and the impact it could have on a life, a society, a country or even the world. I've also seen in it a future for the African countries, where we have a high number of self-employment ( from the vegetables sellers in the streets, to the independant small shops, etc). I said to myself that if all of these small entrepreneurs could offer services and products that may have a positive impact, developing countries could move out of poverty. The missions of Change 2R begin in Madagascar, where 70% of the unemployed people are young, due to the lack of qualification, or difficult access to education. The solution lies in entrepreneurship, or further, in the social entrepreneurship.

It is why I have created Change 2R, to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship and to the 17 SDGs among young people in Africa. We have noticed a huge interest from the Malagasy young people and an urge to act, but to really achieve all our goals, we have the project to create the social incubator Change 2R Lab. The goal is not only to educate, but to make them act and enable them to become themselves a changemaker by giving them all the necessary tools. In only 2 months in Madagascar, we have raised awareness among more than 200 young people through our workshops and our trainings, and created 18 social projects, involving agriculture, responsible consumption, ethical fashion, health & well-being, etc. Now imagine what we can do by installing this incubator in the country...

About the project

The Change 2R Lab is the social incubator of Change 2R, who will accompany projects with positive social impact from the idea to the launch of the project on the market. We'll provide these social entrepreneurs with all the necessary tools to the development of their solution: personalized coaching by experts in Madagascar, means of financing (supporting them with their crowdfunding campaign and fundraising, for example), partnership seeking, communication and distribution, etc. We will offer two distinct programs: - an incubation program for early-stage projects - an acceleration program for advanced projects. Each program will last 6 months and will benefit to 10 projects, so that we can support the maximum projects in a year. All projects will obviously have a social impact and will be economically viable to really contribute to the development of the country.

The Change 2R Lab will also offer a space dedicated to workshops and trainings (as well as various other events around social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in the general, and other impactful topics) so that they become more recurrent and reach a wider audience. These events also aim to create a synergy between all the actors of sustainable developement in Madagascar. There are more and more initiatives around social entrepreneurship - fortunately -, but there is no real harmony between all these initiatives, yet by uniting our forces, we will be able to increase our impact !

The Change 2R Lab will also be a coworking space, in order to give the Malagasy young people an innovative work envrionment. This coworking space will be entirely equiped and eco-friendly, with upcycled furniture and a social café among others. Finally, the Change 2R Lab wants to become an useful platform for the investors ! By listing and identifying all of the social projects with strong potential in Madagascar, we will ease the choice of investors, and thus also the financing of the giving projects. Being a social incubator, we are reaching out to many sectors and therefore have a great role to play in the economic growth of the country, but also in the dynamism of the population. 

Project Initiator

Being originally Malagasy and having grown up in Madagascar, I've seen and lived poverty! So I always had the urge to change things, and I first studied Journalism with the idea to use my writings to denounce, raise awareness and educate. I then had the chance to travel, experience several jobs and meet many changemakers inspired me. I am happy and enthusiastic today to be able to share all my knowledge to young people, like me, who are just as motivated, but do not know how and where to start. I have created Change 2R at the beginning of 2018, while I was 23 years old, and I am very proud of what we could accomplish so far. There are more to come, with this incubator, we hope!

Our needs

Everything is yet to do in this project. That's why we do need funding, which is the only factor that stops us from moving forward. The collected funds will be used for: - the local to install the incubator and coworking space = 5000 - the necessary equipments : upcycled furniture, computers, internet connection, etc. = 2000 - the eco-friendly and social café = 1000

If you can raise more, we would use the money for human resources among other things.

Social Impact


persons helped


- Change 2R, what is it ?

Change 2R is a company that raises awareness of social entrepreneurship and the 17 SDGs, through education, inspiration and mentoring.

 - Change 2R Lab, what is it ?

As a follow-up for Change 2R's activities, Change 2R Lab is a social incubator that will help to support social projects in their launch. It is also a coworking space, which will provide an innovative work environment, open up a space dedicated to workshops and training courses and will offer an eco-friendly & social café.  

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