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Contexte du projet

The COVID-19 Pandemic has sickened more than 5 million people globally with the number of cases rising by about 80,000 daily. The disease has claimed the lives of more than 340,000 people around the world. Nigeria has more than 7,500 cases and more than 220 people have died. 

Why does Nigeria need help?

One of the most important and critical preventive measures to reduce the chances of being infected or spreading the virus is to regularly and thoroughly wash our hands with soap and water and that is a major problem in Nigeria as many Nigerians in rural communities do not have access to clean portable water. Can someone wash hands regularly and thoroughly without availability of water? The answer is, No!

Without water to wash hands, the risk will be high as the virus will spread more through community transmission.


A propos du projet

Our main Objectives:

Team Africa in Diaspora fights coronavirus for Nigeria wants to leave an enduring legacy by making water available to about three rural communities where people cannot afford regular hand washing for lack of clean and portable water. This very important, unique and life changing project will live far beyond COVID-19 Pandemic because water is not only essential in the fight against this pandemic but water is life!

The provision of water will involve:

1. Surveying

2. Machine drilling of borehole

3. Installation of submersible pump

4. Water tanks

5. Water tank stand and

6. A 4KVA generator. 

We also want to compliment the limited efforts of the government and other donors in providing personal protective equipments (PPE) to frontline workers in isolation centers and hospitals as well as donate some face masks and handsanitizers to market women and men especially those handling and selling foodstuff.

Six African countries have gone live with various initiatives/projects to help fight COVID-19, the countries are Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Nigeria

Le porteur de projet

The Project Team

Those involved are citizens, members in the diaspora or residents of Nigeria who want to act for Africa.








1. Frank Dike

2. Nma Onuigbo

3. Komlan Messie

4. Dapo Segun


Nos besoins

Notre objectif est USD18,000 à l'exclusion des frais administratifs de 7% de frais par Jamaafunding. Les fonds récoltés sera passé par appel d'offres

Impact Social

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1. Comment vais-je savoir quand le projet est terminé? Nous allons publier les détails des coûts et de l'emplacement du projet 2. Pourquoi utiliser Jamaafunding et pas le bien connu GoFundMe? Depuis que ce projet est une Initiative Africaine, nous avons jugé approprié d'utiliser une foule de financement de la plate-forme est entièrement Africaine