Jamaafundig is a crowdtiming platform (time and money based project funding) dedicated to projects focused on solidarity, innovation, economic development all over the world. We aim at creating synergies et promote exchange of skills


In case of difficulty in reaching funding goals, permits to evaluate the idea, with the agreement of the contributors, of giving the raised funds to the project owner (depending on project and its urgency)


Crowdtiming is a mix of crowdfunding and crowdtiming applied to projects requiring both volunteer work and money.


Le timefunding permet de donner de son temps au profit de projets nécessitant l'aide de bénévoles ayant des compétences clés.

How does it work ?

  1. A person, an association or an enterprise has a project idea but lacks funds and/or volunteers.
  2. He can create a page on Jamaafundig in order to present his project and its needs (fundraising goals, amount of volunteers hours). This page is aimed at potential contributors intrested in the project.
  3. Contributors give money or time to the project, which could after that emerge. They can follow its evolution through the project's contact details.
  4. Once the goals are reached (time and/or money) and that the raising period is expired, the project is successfull.