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"Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

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Project context

At present, the teaching team does not have the necessary resources so that the pupils can learn in good conditions.

Because of the insalubrity of the premises, the pupils are not concentrated and find themselves playing in the yard.

The walls are degraded.

The tables and chairs are broken.

The main door is deteriorated.

There is a surplus of students per class.


About the project

Since December 2016, the Association for Education Integration and Development (AEID) has set up a program of Solidarity Tourism. The name of this project is called "Touki Solidaire". Touki means traveling in Wolof. It is therefore within the framework of Touki Solidaire that Djangui Mouv 'takes its impetus.

First of all, we did a school search with obvious needs. At the present time, we have already approached the director to explain our project.

The first objective is to rehabilitate the premises of the primary school Amadou Ibrahima SECK.

Construstructions will start at the beginning of May.

In the long term, we would like to build a local. The children will thus be able to benefit from a compulsory homework assistance while offering them extracurricular activities (dance, theater, games, etc ...).

During the solidarity trip we will offer dance workshops in partnership with local dancers. We will take the opportunity to distribute school supplies that we will have collected.

Our child welfare project will allow for sustainable educational development. Thereafter, volunteers will take the time to explain to the children their lessons.

Our first priority is to contribute to the academic success of the child.


Project Initiator

Aminata TALL, Human Resources Assistant "It's an idea that came on a whim 1 year ago! It was still a bit vague but I wanted to do an action in a country of Africa and towards children. Originally from Senegal it was easier for me to act first in this country. I had proposed and written a model that we had to put in place, but for lack of time we could not carry out the project last year! We are therefore determined again this year with a real objective that we hope to lead to terms. During my last stay in Senegal (January 2017) I had even more this desire to help the population and to make progress. Passionate about dancing, I wanted to create a place where children can thrive around a few steps ... "

Imen HAOUACHE, nurse "It's been a while since I felt the need to act with an association. During my stay in Senegal with Aminata, she told me about her idea, and I immediately joined. It was time to get started. I am particularly motivated by education in developing countries, and I hope that the action we wish to take will contribute to the academic success of children in precarious situations, in particular by helping them with duty. Dancing is an activity that is passionate about Aminata. For me, whatever the activity, the main thing is to propose a structure in which the children can flourish and progress in their learning. Out-of-school activities are also a good way to learn rigor and channel children. "

Sabine DESFONTAINES, nurse "For almost three years now, I have wanted to take concrete action in the humanitarian field.
I wanted to make a contribution to a population that is in need but I also wanted to feel useful.
Last year With Aminata we had already talked about setting up an association but unfortunately our action did not succeed.
At the beginning of 2017, we brought to life the Djangui Mouve project, a project combining education and dance!
It will be conducted in Senegal country for which I had a real blow of heart and which Aminata is native. I hope that the Djangui Mouv 'will bear fruit and allow us to mount other projects afterwards. "

Bamba FALL "I am project coordinator in international solidarity within AEID. I already have several solidarity experiences to my credit. It is with great pleasure that I will have to accompany this new project of the Touki Solidaire. On returning from one of my missions, Aminata told me about her willingness to participate in an education project in her country of origin. Having experience and developing activities on Senegal, it is quite naturally that I proposed to him to join the AEID. My goal is for the Djangui Mouv 'team to reach their goal. "

Our needs

Social Impact

264 persons helped


Who is Djangui Mo?

Djangui Mouv 'is a project of support and school support.

Why 'Djangui Mouv'?

We chose this name one night at the restaurant where we were talking about the project. Sabine gave the idea to use a word Wolof (Senegalese dialect) and Imen put his key with the word Move (Movement)
Djangui = study
We immediately adopted that name. Indeed, it really represents the project because we offer a totally free homework help accompanied by dance and theater activities.

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