Recycling processing and purification of oils from the drain

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Recycling, treatment and purification of used black motor oils.

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Project context

The problem of waste management in African cities south of the Sahara is acute. The Benin now has at least two million motorcycles. Each of them is emptied at least once a month, with a liter of motor oil. This means that every month, the amount of oil is pumped an average of two million liters or 24 million gallons of motor oil per year. "This means that our gutters and streams absorb an equivalent volume and this, plus millions of liters also from four-wheeled vehicles, trucks, generators and other machines that are drained.
The processing engine motor oil is a major public health issue as their impact on the environment is enormous. For example, a drain oil liter will cover an area of ​​1000 m2 of water and limit thereby oxygenation of all living beings lying below. Motor oil jetty in the pipes is not better: in addition to causing congestion and bad smells in the pipes, it causes asphyxiation of the bacteria responsible for purifying water and a proliferation of micro- organisms harmful to health. This practice increases the cost of maintenance of sewerage systems and treatment plants.
In this context, the need to meet the demand for these populations in terms of waste oil, the preservation of our environment and the desire to create new value chains and the taste of social entrepreneurship to help management environmental justify the proposed creation of a recycling unit and processing waste oil

About the project

The project is to set up a recycling unit and purification of black motor oil used by an appliance. The waste oil recycling machine is similar to dialysis machines where this can happen is programmed and what can not be is also directed to a specific location. The amount to be recycled is poured into the funnel which drains to the engine that sorts recyclable one side and which is not on the other. The oil is recycled and fluid (especially by engine heat recycling) and must be mixed with the oil thicker to strengthen or balance. The new oil is pure with a light yellow color, conditioning it again towards the consumer.

Project Initiator

The project is the initiative of two young Beninese whose first appointed DAHOU Louis Renaud specializes in sorting and recycling waste, project manager. It has over 4 years of experience in the waste management related assets.
And the second named YEHOUENOU Elisé, is a technician for maintenance and programming of industrial technologies .It to 2 years of experience.

Our needs

1 mototricycle: 1667 euros
10 IBC tank: 1166 euros
50 cans (25L): 50 euros
1 centrifuge: 5000 euros
1 thermal power station: 5000 euros

Social Impact

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