A Pontoon for Goudomp

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This pontoon will facilitate the berthing of the local population.

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Project context

Goudomp is a common située à 50 km of Ziguinchor and à 135 km from Kolda on the left bank of the Casamance river and the national Road n° 6. The communityé has long suffered from the isolation sees in its new stature as an opportunity to dispense a little more of his déindependence day(administrative) vis-à-vis its neighbour to the other side (Sédhiou). Chef-lieu d’a dédepartment that has more than 160 000 inhabitants, thea common brings together almost all of the communityés live at Sénégal.  The p&stop;che été l’activité main of Goudomp. The rivers repréfeel an easy way to déplace.

About the project

on a Daily basis, boats, péresearchers and carriers take départ du quai river and dock there in any season. The pier, formerly the aménagé to receive barges of the time o&where; l’éeconomy of the municipality was based on the treaty of the’peanut, is totally in tatters nowadays. The canoes come ashore with difficulty, passengers éas mouillés up’to the knees because of a lack of’facilities in high as in low marée.

Project Initiator

The sponsor of this project is the mayor of Goudomp in order to facilitate the déplacement of the population. This work is done in collaboration with the collective of the mayors of Sédhiou.

Our needs

The objective of this cmapagne is réunite bénéfly that will accompany the implementation of the campaign. The aim is to launch a précamapgne awareness and lead to a professional d'étude and construction.

Social Impact

160 persons helped


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