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Project context

If for trips outside Africa in Europe and Asia, you can organize everything from home without moving. This is not the case when you want to travel to Togo or West Africa. You have to have someone on site to look for the hotel and how to get around on site or do research online and with friends, or move to travel companies. All this makes the organization of the journeys painful. In addition to this, we are often disappointed once there the quality of transport services and hotels.

All this leads me to propose a solution YoupiGoo, which is a unique platform (web and mobile) that allows the user to plan his entire trip without moving or calling.

About the project

YoupiGoo is a web and mobile application that will help travellers and tourists in West Africa to plan and organize their trips more easily while saving time and money thanks to the offers of accommodation and transportation offered on the platform.

In concrete terms, the application must make it possible to:

  • Book and order transport vehicles with drivers, taxis, bus tickets.
  • Book accommodations: houses or hotel rooms and places to visit.
  • Book tours with tour operators.

We will have a contract with transport companies, travel agencies and hotels. We will make them visible on our platform and promote them. The user will receive alerts about dates and places to help him on his travels.

Our product is an online service (reservation) via a web and mobile application. The application will be available in web version (website) and mobile version (Android and iOS).

Launch screen of the application



Home screen of the application


Project Initiator

Software Engineer, Komi-Kpandja KONDI worked for several organizations and companies as the agency before launching my Startup e-Media in 2016. He participated in Global Innovation Through Science and Technology (GIST) Bootcamp in Dakar (Senegal) 2016 as part of the Lanmesse project. He was selected by the French media cooperation agency CFI for CFI's Citizens Connections program in 2017. He made training trips to Paris, Dakar, Abidjan and Cotonou. He was nominated "Young Global Changer" to participate in the GLOBAL SOLUTIONS SUMMIT organized by the G20 in Berlin, Germany, in May 2017. He was panalist of the Talking Accross Generation on Education (TAGe) session at the TECH conference of UNESCO MGIEP in India in December 2018.

Our needs

Our funding sought for the launch of the first version of this application is 5000 euro. This funding will be used to develop and put online the first version of the mobile and web application. A mobile version will be developed for Android phones and another version for iPhone (iOS). Expense development concerns the design costs of computer development, graphic design, hosting different on hosting platforms.

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